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4:26p.m., Saturday, January 11, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS! so far, 3 of our 6 street safety improvement suggestions were recently implemented by the Town. If you like what the Watch is doing to enhance our neighbourhood, please make a small donation. Thanks to a lot of voluntary effort and donations over 2 years ago by founding Watch participants, we now have a vibrant Watch. As of today, we've 141 registered Watch participants representing 373 residents.

If just half of these people donated $5-$10 we'd cover our 2020 costs with a few dollars left over to promote the Watch and attract even more neighbours to join. Give your donation to your Street Captain or drop it in the letterbox at 2 Horton Street. THANK YOU.

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The Durham Regional Police Services support the Neighbourhood Watch Program throughout Durham Region. Statistics show that where neighbours actively look out for each other, crime is reduced.