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Call for All-Way Stop at Wicks/Knowles

4:14p.m., Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Despite the traffic folks at Ajax Planning & Development in 2019 declining our request for the intersection of Wicks Dr at Horton St/Knowles St be made into an All-Way Stop, we continue to feel that this request should be reconsidered. On a daily basis, I watch traffic speed along Wicks in both directions almost causing collisions sometimes several times, especially in the mornings. With the no left turn onto Wicks from Hwy 2 in the morning rush, people use Knowles then Wicks as a short cut to the 401. This causes a lot of chaos on Wicks and especially at this intersection.

I believe due to the speed and volume of traffic at this intersection it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt. Certainly, if the Dec 2020 application to build a 25-story rental apartment tower on Kingston road opposite the Wicks junction is approved, traffic and pedestrian congestion at this junction during peak periods will be even more intense.

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