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Health Care and Essential Service Workers - THANKS

4:43p.m., Friday, March 20, 2020

Shout-out from the Cadarackque NW to all neighbours working in health care, essential and emergency services. We know your days are loaded with stress and risk, yet you press on helping those you serve. THANK YOU! There's: Trish, Holly, Kyle, know many more. At this time, you're all always in our thoughts...we hope you stay safe.

And thank you to those who replied to our earlier posting about help for seniors in the Cadarackque neighbourhood. So far there have NOT been any requests for help...a good sign, hopefully, but it's heartwarming to see evidence of the caring among us.

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The Durham Regional Police Services support the Neighbourhood Watch Program throughout Durham Region. Statistics show that where neighbours actively look out for each other, crime is reduced.