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ALERT - Suspicious Door-knocker Incident

5:44p.m., Friday, September 9, 2022

Recently a neighbour was startled by an unexpected visit from a couple of strangers. It occurred on Sept 9 at 5:45PM at a home on Allard Ave. Security video shows that one suspect waited at the end of the walkway, while the other came right up to the house and appeared to be casing the place. When the homeowner answered the door, the suspect asked for a person that was unknown at that address. After a few moments pause, the suspect turned and left.

So far, nothing further has emerged but the homeowner is understandably shaken by the uninvited and suspicious visit. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, best practice is: 1) do NOT answer the door, 2) Call out something like "I can't come to the door right now" to let the intruder know the house is occupied, 3) Make a note of the suspects appearance, 4)Report the incident to DRPS non emergency number: 888-579-1520 x6234

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The Durham Regional Police Services support the Neighbourhood Watch Program throughout Durham Region. Statistics show that where neighbours actively look out for each other, crime is reduced.