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EVENT: 310 Kingston Tower - Public Meeting June 20

7p.m., Monday, June 20, 2022

The 310 Kingston rental apartment tower developer wants an exception to the 800 sq ft floor plate limit specified in Ajax Official Plan, to allow approx 2x that…and so fit twice as many people into an enormous 25 storey tower. We risk all kinds of unfavourable impacts if this is approved, e.g. increase in traffic and pedestrian accidents in our neighbourhood, school overcrowding, shadowing over the adjacent Hicksite Cemetery, etc.). For more, replay the recording of January 2021 Open House found here:

At the June 20, 2022 Council meeting, Ajax Planning will present their recommendations on this Official Plan amendment application. This will be the last Public Meeting on this project. If you also find the enormity if this proposal worrisome, please tell our councilors about it in advance and PLAN TO ATTEND this meeting. It will help for them to realise resident concerns are widely held before they vote on the application.