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New Bell Optic service

10:14a.m., Saturday, July 1, 2023

Bell has a contractor installing conduit and optic fibre cable through our neighborhood. This is part of Bell's general plan to compete better with Rogers, and ditch the old in-ground copper wires that are degrading faster than expected. Bell has permits to run the "trunk" through all streets. But, they need each home owner's permission to run a line right up to their houses. Richard Cooke highly recommends you approve this. There is no charge - if they do it now. If you decide later you want this service, there will be an installation fee. After all the installation is done, you will be able to check your home address to see the new services. The Bell manager Richard spoke with said the original max speed was 3GBs, but they have been testing 5GBs. And he does not know yet which we will get. There is a sign up with a contact number for more info, but I found out this goes to the "complaint" department. Who do not know anything about this project. They passed my contact info to the project manager who called me. He explained all of the new package options will be handled by Bell Sales department. He is solely responsible for getting the hardware installed and working. Phone: +1-800-268-4213 email: