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Left turn Advanced Green - all day on Chambers

10:08p.m., Thursday, November 1, 2018

The left turn advanced green traffic light, active during rush hour, eases early morning congestion, but the congestion resurfaces sporadically during the rest of the business day, e.g. at the end of gym programs, hotel events, and especially when Cadarackque school is over (see pics in the Gallery on this page).

Between 2PM-3PM on a business day, vehicles are back up to, and often through, the Beck/Allard intersection with Chambers. In a recent survey of Watch participants, 100% of respondents want the Chambers at Salem traffic light left-turn advanced green to be on continuously throughout the business day.

If you agree...or at least for it to be re-introduced between 2:00-3:00PM, ask your Ajax, Ward 3 Councillors for this to be implemented. Email: and