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Vandalism to home and car in driveway

2a.m., Sunday, June 14, 2020

Woman on her front porch late at night asked 6 teenagers on Horton St to quiet down. After she went inside, the teens threw rocks at her front door and windows. Police were called but didn't locate the teens. The teens then came back shortly after with 2 more males and threw 2 big stones at the back window of a car in the woman's driveway shattering it. There was also damage to the rear of the same car done by stones thrown earlier (paint chips and a dent).

$1,300 in damages to car. Shattered windshield, one dent which we will not repair and chips of paint on the vehicle.

Next time you witness a disturbance, such as this incident, report it to the DRPS non-emergency # right away (1-888-579-1520 x6234)...and DON'T try to deal with it personally.