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Beaver Dam - outlet pipe of Storm Water Pond

12:49p.m., Thursday, December 3, 2020

Beavers have dammed the outlet pipe within the storm water management pond located along Carruthers Creek immediately south and east of the Hwy2/Galea Dr junction. Scroll to related pics In our Gallery on Home page.They depict, as of yesterday: - the inlet pipe (probably completely submerged by now) - submerged walkway between the storm water pond sections - beaver logging impact and water level of main pond Call Ajax By-Law, Animal Control Dept. if you are concerned about this: 905-683-8275 (it's been reported already but extra calls may help get something done).

Flooding upstream could be immense if the blockage is not removed before the pond freezes and untreated storm run-off could gush into Carruthers Creek.