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25-story Apartment Block at Wicks/Hwy2 proposed

2:25p.m., Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Town of Ajax has received an application to allow a 25-story apartment block to be built on the North side of Kingston Rd at Wicks Dr. This would be a massive undertaking with immense impact on our neighbourhood. See our Gallery pic of the hill-top location...half the woodlot would be replaced by the 25-story tower!

Multiple threats to the well-being of our neighbourhood, such as: traffic volume, pedestrian safety, school capacity, crime, etc. For specifics, join The Watch to receive a copy of our 4-page submission. The Town Planning Dept has scheduled a virtual Public Open House for 7:00PM on Thursday, January 7, 2021. To find out more about the proposal and to register to attend the meeting, go to "".

When you are voting on this Concern, if you're apposed to the Tower being built, please click the "Dislike" radio button option. NOTE: Votes are CONFIDENTIAL. Your name will NEVER be revealed by Cadarackque Neighbourhood Watch in connection with this or any other Concern. ONLY the TOTAL COUNT will be published.