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On Street Parking - be More Considerate

8:50a.m., Saturday, January 9, 2021

Every evening & into the morning there are multiple cars parking on the street overnight. Regardless of the town's no parking during a snow event, these vehicles remain on the street. As well, owners are parking their vehicles on their boulevards, often leaving 2 wheels on the street. There is virtually no difference between the two, both interfere with safe traffic flow.

The act of parking on the street interferes with the plowing of roads, as well as maneuvering through the streets. Parking with the wheels onto the road cause a hazard as well. Coming around the corner at Wicks, as only 1 example, drivers are met with cars on the street as well as cars partially on the road, allowing for only 1 vehicle by at a time. Owners living on an inside curve often have their driveways extended 3 feet onto the street after plowing, due to cars parked over the curb, not allowing the plow to come in close.