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CALL for Homemade Dog Food Recipes - Send yours

9:06p.m., Tuesday, January 26, 2021

To build connections and foster neighbourhood wellness, the Watch is launching new themes on topics that enrich our neighbourhood. We're beginning with pets, and Homemade Dog Food Recipes in particular. Tell us about your pooch's favourite nosh!

Use the "New Improvement Suggestion" option in our CONCERN menu to log your pooch's favourite homemade food recipe. If it goes down well with other canine companions nearby, we'll give you a "Like" (not a lick!). And if we get a bunch of well liked dishes, we'll find a way to publish the Cadwatch Dogs Recipe Book!

CAUTION: We have to mention the Watch can't accept liability if anything goes wrong with any recipe. Owners must use good judgement and take responsibility for their dog food choices.