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Child Hazards in Miles Pk - UPDATE - 2 Fixed, Yeh!

1:40p.m., Monday, January 25, 2021

Use caution with your children when in Miles Park. There are a couple of pothole hazards near the playground. One is an exposed rusted-out culvert close to the pathway and the other is a missing sprinkler cover at the N-E corner of the newer soccer field. As well, be careful using the Carruthers Creek pathway where it terminates at Chambers Drive E. Much of the path has eroded away.

These 3 items have been reported to the Town, so hopefully they'll be repaired soon. BTW it's real easy to report things like this using the direct link to the Town's "Report an Issue" page found in the RESOURCES, menu on this website. Check it out!

RESOLVED: It looks like 2 of these hazards have been promptly resolved. Today, January 29, 2021, we were told by the Town Works Dept, Operations staff: “The culvert has been patched. Replaced lid on irrigation value box” Yeh! Many thanks.