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Home Made Dog Food Recipe - Loafless Meat Loaf

2:09p.m., Sunday, January 31, 2021

The benefits of this Gluten Free recipe are: excellent nutrition and a healthy pooch means lower vet bills. If that’s not enough, there’s no HST on any of these ingredients. And oh yeh...your dog’s gonna luv it! Ingredients: -1 lb Lean Ground Beef -2 lb Ground Turkey -1/3 lb Chicken Livers -1 cup Spinach -1 cup Chicken broth -1/2 lb Brocolli (including stalk) -1 can Green Beans -1 Medium size Sweet Potato -1 Large Carrot -2 tbsp Coconut oil -3 tbsp Milled Flaxseed -2.5 tsp Calcium (home-made recipe) -1/2 tsp Salt -4 Large Eggs

Instructions: 1. Finely chop the chicken livers (easier when partly thawed from frozen) 2. In coconut oil, brown all meat together in a large, deep 12" skillet, 3. Wash, chop and blend the vegetables in a portion of the chicken broth (add each blender batch to the meat as you go). For last batches ladle-off juices from the skillet to add to chopped vegetables before blending, 4. Sprinkle flaxseed, calcium and salt into the mix and stir well to spread evenly throughout 5. Cover and let cook for 15 more minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally 6. Whisk the eggs and pour into the mix while stirring continuously 7. Cook for 5 more minutes 8. Let cool on stove-top 9. Store in freezer-suitable containers (3-4 day supply each).

Substitutions Substitute ingredients in recipes to vary taste and take advantage of on-sale ingredients:: • Pork instead of ground beef • Ground chicken instead of turkey • Chicken hearts or giblets, or beef liver or kidney instead of chicken livers • Cauliflower instead of spinach • Canned peas instead of green beans • Red kidney beans or pumpkin pulp instead of sweet potatos