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25-Story Apt Proposal - Require AOP Compliance

12:53p.m., Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Resident's review of the DRAFT "By-law to adopt Amendment No.__ to the Official Plan for the Town of Ajax" posted by Ajax Planning Dept., states in Section 3 that the amendment is required as the "Uptown Regional Centre - Commercial Mixed Use II" designation does NOT permit a floor plate larger than 800 square metres. In Section 4 "Actual Amendment" the new higher limit needed to align with the tower portion in the current design would be just about double! (i.e. for floors 7-17, 1,520 square metres).

It's this vast increase in floor size, and consequently the Tower footprint, over what was contemplated by the Ajax Official Plan (AOP) that makes this application unacceptable. Especially because of its incursion risk and shadowing impact on the adjacent Hicksite Cemetery heritage resource, and the intensive high density it will enable. Rise up and voice your concerns about this proposal in its present form! Post a comment and Subscribe to updates at (it just needs your email address). Follow resident's views at: or at