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Tip 9 - Car Alarm, also Safety Threat Deterrent

11:32a.m., Thursday, February 11, 2021

Often we don't think about the usefulness of the red Alarm button on our car remote door opener. We may use it if the car alarm sounds erroneously to switch it off. For most of us that's likely the only time it seemed to be useful. But there's a more, and even more important, use for it.

This tip will IMPROVE YOUR HOME SECURITY at no cost! Would-be criminals hate bright lights and loud noise. So, if ever you feel threatened in your home or on your driveway, whack that red button on your car remote and let 'em have it right between the ears! (if you've 2 cars, do 'em both). Adopt the practice of keeping your remote car keys near to hand when moving between your car and front door. As well, store them away from the front entrance...even take them to bed with you!