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DON'T be a victim of Catalytic Converter theft

10:02p.m., Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A News item tonight said catalytic converters are a hot item right now (pun intended) . Apparently, they contain small amounts of scarce metals some now more valuable than gold. So, you guessed it, converters are being cut off parked vehicles overnight. High-clearance vehicles (e.g. SUVs and pick-ups) are especially vulnerable due to the ease of sliding underneath to make a couple of speedy cuts.

The cost of replacing a Catalytic Converter is no small change, never mind the cacophony of sound when you fire-up first thing with no silencer. So now's the time to join many of us and install low energy LED light bulbs in your driveway lighting and KEEP THEM ON ALL NIGHT. Make our streets sparkle and cause the crooks to head-off somewhere darker.