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Terms of Use

Target Community

This website is designed to serve residents who live or work within the area surrounding Cadarackque Public school in Ajax, Ontario. Specifically, within the boundary demarcated by Highway 401, Salem Rd, Kingston Rd and Carruthers Creek. Visitors may browse the site but creating postings is restricted to registered participants. New eligible participants are always welcome (select [Join] to register).

Diversity Policy

The Watch will be fair and equitable in its practices respecting the diversity of individuals regardless of race, place of origin, disability, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, sex, age, parental or family status, ethnic origin, marital status, income level, work experience, literacy level, cultural tradition, ancestry and educational background.


Participants are encouraged to use a strong password to protect their own personal information. Security controlling access to private information in this website meets the best industry standards and privacy is protected through use of a unique Participant ID, assigned at sign-up and used subsequently to identify concerns recorded in or published by the Watch. Personal identity information will never be published.

Zero Tolerance for Foul Language, Bullying and Disrespect of a Neighbour

We have a zero tolerance for foul language, bullying, or disrespect of a neighbour on this website. Information posted by participants to the Watch Website will be monitored daily. Text judged to be foul, bullying or disrespectful will be deleted instantly and, after consultation with the participant and review by Watch leadership, could result in the author having their logon privileges terminated.


Visitors and registered participants are welcome to quote, copy, or reuse any information published on this website, provided our website is attributed as the source.

Waiver of Liability

Participants are entitled to post content they feel is of interest to other residents living in our neighbourhood. While the website content moderator regularly reviews and monitors posting for compliance to our terms of use, the Watch does not accept liability for the accuracy of the information. Further, the Watch does not warrant the completeness of information nor that all content remains up to date.

If you disagree with any part of these Terms of Use, you are discouraged from using our website.