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IMPLEMENTED - No Parking at Wicks corner

1:48p.m., Saturday, January 5, 2019

Vehicles parked close to corner on both sides, compounded by vehicles parked on driveways with part projecting into live lane. The solid yellow line intended to keep vehicles negotiating the corner in their own lanes is useless as only one lane width is available in the centre of the road!

IMPLEMENTED: No-parking zone now signposted on Wicks West side from letterbox around corner to first driveway. Now parking is allowed on the East side only. Many thanks to all who "liked" the improvement suggestion adding weight to our request to the Town, and to the Town of Ajax Ward 1 Councillors and the traffic specialist for listening to and acting on our concern.

Suggest extended no-park zone at the Wicks corner, greater than 6 metres; or no-parking on one side.