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PETITION - Oppose the 310 Kingston Skyscraper

11:58a.m., Thursday, February 11, 2021

Read the demands we're petitioning to Ajax Planning Dept and Council and the property developer. If you agree with our urging a scale-down of the 310 Kingston Skyscraper, and in turn, a reduction in the high-density occupant count that would otherwise crowd the immediate vicinity, please sign the petition....and share the link below with your family and other contacts who live in Ajax, ON. We need a strong message that Ajax residents do NOT want unchecked growth spoiling our North Ajax community.

To reach our petition at, copy/paste this link: Earlier projects, such as the Post House, also on Kingston Rd (West-side of the Loblaws Super Center) are a reasonable size. We wouldn't object to something similar at 310 Kingston. It's the stark contrast of a 25-storey monster rising from the hilltop West of Carruthers Creek we object to. Remember, once the precedent is set, the next skyscraper could be near YOU!