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ALERT - Suspected Drug Activity on Field Cr

8:27p.m., Saturday, May 29, 2021

Today, early evening, a CadWatch neighbour observed illicit drug trafficking in progress near the mailbox on Field Cr (by the pathway to Chambers Dr). Her 11 year old son was offered drugs while playing on the street! We know illicit drug activity periodically occurs nearby but this is especially disturbing. The resident rightly called the incident in to DRPS, non-emergency # (they indicated they would increase patrols in the area).

Watch for non-local cars parked nearby, especially if their engine is running and no apparent visit is in progress. If it looks suspicious and you can do so safely, get a description of the vehicle (ideally, including the plate #). Do NOT approach the suspect. Then, as soon as you're out of sight, immediately call it in to DRPS at 1-888-579-1520 x6234.

The more frequent incident reports we call-in, the more chance the suspects will be caught. Be aware and stay safe.